Our unique and comprehensive process is the reason Peck and Company is recognized for craftsmanship and beauty. Before building any project, it undergoes a collaborative design process between the client and staff. We have a repertoire of supporting resources including a major reference library, 20 years of portfolio photos, a components cabinet and an extensive collection of architectural antiques. We have the versatility to develop designs, work from your photographs or from provided drawings. We emphasize technology, and our state of the art design studio includes computer aided drafting, as well as a large format plotter system for full scale drawings. Clients receive scale shop drawings for approval before production begins, and are assigned a Project Manager to ensure the proper design and completion of the project.



Our expert Craftsmen enjoy a divergent range of capabilities; producing designs from created detailed scale drawings determined in the design process.  With precision, our highly skilled fabricators, blacksmiths and machinists weld, forge, solder, machine and use antique and modern joinery techniques.  Our authentic and innovative techniques allow us to create contemporary and traditional designs with timeless craftsmanship.



We have the knowledge and versatility to restore or modify metal collectibles.  From antiquities to contemporary, we are well-versed in historical time periods to maintain the timeless appeal of the piece.  We can modify a gas lantern to electrical, repair a broken chandelier arm, replace a missing repousséd leaf and re-weld a cast iron table leg.  Copper, steel, brass, stainless steel, zinc or aluminum, we can bring your treasure back to life.


Antique Architectural Iron

With one of the most extensive collections of antique architectural iron in the country.  We source from all over the world, providing the most unique hand forged and cast iron treasures to create truly incredible one-of-a-kind pieces.  We receive shipments often, and one becomes truly inspired simply walking through our yard of architectural iron.  Some of our favorite projects include a console table from an intricate French balcony panel, a candelabra with a baluster from the Plaza Hotel in New York City, and mirror with a copper window frame from the Flatiron Building in New York City. 



Our finishes are multi-step processes, giving a piece interest and a final finished touch.  We can re-create any historically inspired or contemporary finish to compliment a piece.  As metals react differently to finishes and environments, our Craftsmen treat metal with proper base primers and durable top coats to achieve a beautiful and lasting finish.  Our finish artisans have perfected techniques with textures, glazes, toners and gilding.  We also provide antique brass and copper, brush and mirror stainless steel finish, as well as nickel and chrome plate.  We offer over 300 decorative hand painted finishes, can accurately match any finish you may have, and can also develop a variation of a Peck & Company finish to give a piece an incredible custom look.